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[Tartışma] Fair Gameplay

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Gönderildi 2019-12-10 11:54:50 | Sadece konu sahibinin konularını göster

Dear  admins. Lets do this game fair to play as well as all games. dont let 500 000 000 or over mighty players to  kill 0-100 000 000 mighty players. I think it will be fairly gameplay.(700 mln mighty player killed me and took my leader . i have just 6 mln might. tell me is that fair) do something about that. thanks.

Gönderildi 2020-07-28 09:40:53 | Sadece konu sahibinin konularını göster

Hello there,

Please be careful to write in Turkish as per the forum rules. Otherwise, you will get a penalty. In addition, I would like to state that IGG is not responsible for the competition within the Game.

The current war and pre-war strategies in the game belong to the player who attacked and defended. Apart from this, if you have any comments or requests about a different subject, please leave a message to Gear Wheel - Help - Live Chat.

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